Welcome to The Raven Charitable Trust

Our foundation is based on the very essence of life - care, compassion and commitment. We are constantly driven by our mission to ‘cure and care’. We work towards enriching lives, to promote good health and make every moment count. We are the instrument of aid for the one and all that need help.

India is a great country but it struggles in some areas like the absence of a social security or public health care system. For a common man it is an irony if there are no funds, no medical Care is available. In rural India situation is more critical then the urban sector.

The Raven Charitable Trust


  • First unit operational
  • OPD , Pharmacy , Lab , Day care 5 beds
  • Various modules of treatment available
  • Allopathic , Homeopathic , Reiki
  • Regular visits to schools
  • Plan to start a regular Women clinic
  • To expand with the help of local University


  • Thalassemia Project
  • Helping Patients and families
  • Blood donation camps
  • Chelation Medicines
  • Educating Parents about holistic Care